Ghostwalker Team Bios

Jenna Grey

Age: 17 years

Sex: Female

Birthplace: San Antonio, Texas, USA

Likes:  Diet Coke, chocolate, Colin, my uber hot Australian boyfriend, dancing with Edwin

Dislikes:  stuck up high school girls, being attacked by demons, being annoyed by Edwin

Motto: I see you’re still here, what part of dead do you not get?

Sir Edwin Howard, 6th Earl of Carlisle

Age: 27 years or 463 years-take your pick

Birthplace: Dartford, England

Sex: Male, no matter what Eva says

Likes: Anything decadent, annoying Eva, stylish clothing, Telenovellas (I can’t understand a word they’re saying, but  aren’t they fun?)

Dislikes: Anything that takes too much energy, focus or thought, utter boredom

Motto:” Semper ubi sububi in caput tuum”  Always wear underwear on your head

Eva De La Fuente

Age: 17 years

Birthplace: San Antonio, Texas, USA

Sex: Female

Likes:  Mountain Dew, Twinkies, annoying Edwin, zombie movies, kicking supernatural butt

Dislikes:   Being short, my hair on rainy days, real zombies

Motto: Build a bridge and get over it already

Colin Rees

Age: 17 years

Birthplace: Sydney, Australia

Sex: Male

Likes:  My girlfriend Jenna, working on cars, helping lost spirits find the light, Vegemite on toast, Cricket, being from Oz

Dislikes: Edwin always interfering in mine and Jenna’s alone time, shallow people,  Eva stealing my food

Motto: No worries

Madam Tatianna Marisova

Although not an actual part of the team, Madam Marisova has been known to help out. But never for free.

Age: Undetermined. “Old enough” is the only age she will give

Birthplace: Vladivostok, Russia

Sex: Female

Likes: American Idol,  Edwin, clove cigarettes, heavy jewelry, budgies, tarot card reading and  not being bothered unless a fee is involved.

Dislikes: Being asked to predict the winning lottery numbers, contemptuous disbelievers, spilling ketchup on my crystal ball.

Motto: I predict the future, I don’t make it happen. You want I make it happen…it cost you extra.


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