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I came home from school today to find the television on, but no one home, not even Edwin. Weird.


Edwin is still not home, but I felt a definite chill in the air while I was watching TV. And the channels kept changing. I had a sneaky suspicion my little brother, Martin, was hiding and somehow got his hands on a universal remote, but Mom said he was at a friend’s house.


11:00 am

Every one of my episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer has been deleted from our DVR! Mom and Dad swear they didn’t do it and Martin doesn’t how to work the DVR. Edwin is still MIA. What gives?

1:15 pm

I spotted a suspicious cloud of mist floating close to the ceiling. It drifted upstairs as I followed. Hiding behind a door I watched it materialize into the form of a girl!

“Hey!” I said. “This haunt is taken. Find someone else to harass.”

The ghost girl looked surprised and then glared at me, before flying into a nearby mirror. I checked the glass. She was gone.

Where in the world is Edwin? He’s going to go into a snit when he comes home and finds a ghost squatter pushing in on his territory. I can hardly wait to watch all the drama.


8:50 am

I found my juicy plum nail polish spilled all over my dresser and now my cat has a purple mustache. The ghost girl also left a message scrawled across my bathroom mirror using my coral colored lipstick. “Leave Me Alone”. Mom saw it and said if I wanted space all I had to do was ask. This ghost is really ticking me off.

10:00 am

Mom, Dad and Martin went to the mall. This gave me the chance to go through the house burning sage sticks (ghosts hate that). My renegade ghost appeared and wrinkled her nose at me. With an evil smile, she pushed one of Mom’s favorite vases off the fireplace mantel. What…A….B!

12:00 pm

I got tired of waiting for Edwin to come help me out.

“Hey! Ghost girl,” I said, ‘I’ve had it. Stop skulking around like some roach in the shadows. Come out and tell me what your problem is.”

She appeared in front of me, her hair loose and flowing in filmy wisps. Her face was pale and she wore a long, billowy dress.

I frowned. “You gonna start moaning soon? Talk about playing up the ghost angle. This may freak out your average norm, but it doesn’t impress me at all.”

The ghost moved closer to me. Fingers of ectoplasm drifted around my face as we stared at each other. Neither of us spoke. The temperature plummeted and my breath billowed in little clouds. My heart skittered. Okay, it thumped. She scared me…just a little.

“What do you want?” I whispered.

Her eyes glowed as she regarded me, her face unreadable.

She said only two words. But it’s two words I’ll never forget.

“SpongeBob SquarePants.”


“Edwin suggested I visit while he was gone and I could watch SpongeBob Squarepants. He didn’t mention you would be so difficult.”

“Me? Difficult?”

She nodded.

I spent the rest of the afternoon grudgingly watching a SpongeBob SquarePants marathon with my ghost guest.

Edwin is so dead when he comes home.